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GridView v2

Cool and fully charged data table rendered for laravel 5+.

Versions Policy

By looking on experience from v.1.x I decided to make minor versions backwardly compatible, which means that v.2.0 could be replaced with 2.3 or 2.5 with no breaks. But the same doesnt work for major versions, for example changing 2.1 to 3.1 doesn’t work and there’s no guarantee that it’ll work. Please be careful in picking right version in your composer.json. Do not specify wildcard (*) or ^ because it’ll break your tables at some point.


composer require woo/laravel-grid-view "2.*"

or add into composer.json:

"woo/laravel-grid-view": "2.*"

In case you use Laravel 5.4 or lower, please add Woo\GridView\GridViewServiceProvider::class into config/app.php

Otherwise, Laravel autodiscover will load all needed stuff after composer install the package.


Please report bugs into issues section of the repo.


What’s new?

In second version I almost rebuild everything. New features are:

Made with ❤ by denis